Why you should have your cake and eat it…. For breakfast.

What if I told you that not only is it perfectly acceptable to eat cake for breakfast but it may just help you lose weight?

Don’t be fooled by these Instagram goddesses with their deliciously pretentious chia seeds, healthier-than-thou greek yoghurt, a scintillating sprinkle of seeds and the most super of foods blueberries. A good old-fashioned slice of delicious cake in the morning could very well be the key to a healthier & happier you.


Fortunately you don’t just have to take my word for it. Despite the fact that I came to this pleasant conclusion all on my own, it’s common sense really, it turns out scientists and dieticians alike have been saying the same thing for years.

In fact they’ve actually done test with real life groups of clinically obese, non-diabetic adults. In 2012 researchers split participants into two groups, one consuming a low-calorie breakfast the other consuming twice the amount of calories including cake for their morning meal. They would then go on to consume the same total amount of calories during the day, 1600 for the men and 1400 for the women. After the 32 week study had finished not only had the cake consumers lost weight, they had, on average, lost 40 pounds more than the non cake eaters!

Now there are multiple reasons why eating cake for breakfast might help you lose weight. The most compelling reason would seem to point to our metabolism being the most active in the morning. Let’s think of our metabolism like a miniature sun. At sunrise it’s rising, it gathers momentum and is at its peak at midday, then it glides gently into sunset slowing down and resting. By having a calorific breakfast there’s plenty of fuel inside you to be burnt at that midday peak, this gets turned into energy for you to put towards having a productive and active day. By eating cake later in the day, as the sun and your metabolism are setting, your body is less prepared to burn off the calorie intake and it is more likely to be stored as fat.

Satisfying your cake lust first thing in the morning will also make you far less likely to need to snack on sweets and treats during the day indeed “the group that consumed a bigger breakfast, including dessert, experienced few if any cravings for these foods later in the day.”

Part of the reason why the participants that ate the calorie restricted breakfast failed to lose as much is weight is the fact that they simply cheated on their diet plan. Not having had their sugar fix in the morning they were far more likely to snack in addition to their daily allowance resulting in them eventually regaining previously lost weight.

I put it to you that the trend these days of having a super healthy breakfast is to blame for many people’s inability to shift unwanted pounds. let’s say you start your day with some chia seeds, that have been diligently soaked over night, mixed with a little low-fat yoghurt, maybe a bit of granola thrown in for that crunch factor and it’s not going to get any likes on Instagram without some lovely colourful mixed berries on top. No doubt it will be delicious and leave you feeling healthy, content and emitting that all important smug glow of someone for whom their body is a temple. However, a few hours pass and its time for the first tea break of the day. The biscuit box sits there, oh so tempting, and hey if any one there deserves a chocolate hob nob it’s you, especially after your pre work spin class, you’re starving and lunch isn’t for another two hours yet, you need the energy, go on take two.

Maybe you’re feeling guilty after your mid morning biscuit binge so opt for a healthy salad for lunch, well done you. When you get home you’re understandably famished. Chia seeds, granola, a bit of chicken salad and four Chocolate Hobnobs (you had another two with the afternoon break didn’t you?) were never going to be enough to keep you sustained for the day. You’ve all the good intentions of whipping up a super healthy stir fry, using coconut oil of course, you’re no sunflower oil using fool. Then again there’s all the veg prep to do and your flat mate’s suggesting pizza. You reflect on what you’ve eaten today, you’ve been so well-behaved, you can allow yourself this one bad decision at the end of a long day. So with your belly full of delicious fat and carbs you put your chia seeds back on to soak ready for tomorrows breakfast and go to bed safe in the knowledge that according to social media you’re smashing this healthy eating game, you’ll be ripped in no time!

Compare this to if you’d had a slab of chocolate cake for breakfast. Just imagine the guilt! Are you reaching for the biscuit tin? Heck no, in fact you’d better go without sugar in your tea today. Theres no way you’re having pizza for dinner, not with the rest of the chocolate cake, that you know you’ll be devouring for breakfast, eyeing you from sideboard. You’re going to bed after a healthy evening meal of protein and vegetables. The clear winner.

I should add that if you already eat a healthy balanced diet and manage to avoid unhealthy foods altogether, gorging yourself on cake every morning might not be of benefit to you, but you’re a clean eating genius so you already know that.

The main point is, if you must have your cake and eat it then it’s best saved for the morning. You might get some odd looks at the dinner table when your turn down that sweet spongy goodness but then you get to savour their envious looks over the breakfast table the next morning, you’re welcome.tina-fey-cake-snl-CONTENT-2017-840x460

Everything happens for a reason, really.

Everything happens for a reason, when one door closes another door opens, what will be will be, they’re all classic clichés that people love to post with inspirational text on social media. No doubt most will scoff and scroll on by. Perhaps though these posters have a point. I thought I’d try my hand at […]

Everything happens for a reason, when one door closes another door opens, what will be will be, they’re all classic clichés that people love to post with inspirational text on social media. No doubt most will scoff and scroll on by. Perhaps though these posters have a point. I thought I’d try my hand at one of these “inspirational” musings and write about why I do happen to believe that life may not be quite as random and tragic as it seems at times.

I was distraught when I was sacked from my dream job in Greece. I’d been having the time of my life working on that beach. I was working with amazing people, making friendships that would last for life and I had an absolutely cracking tan. I bawled my eyes out the whole trudge back to my accommodation after the blow was dealt, I hadn’t cried like that since I was a child.

After a week at home, most of which I spent in bed feeling very sorry for myself, I went out for a sail, we rafted up alongside a motor boat owned by a man I’d never met before. We chatted for maybe half an hour about how the sailing I’d done and how I was somewhat between jobs at the time. After which he casually offered me some work helping him cruise his other, much larger, yacht around the Bahamas, I obviously jumped at the opportunity.

I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t been sacked from that dream job. I was so disappointed at the time, everything had been leading up to being on that beach. It was really all I had planned for and then without warning the sandy rug was pulled from under my feet and I landed back in a very cold and wet Scotland, it was almost snowing when I arrived back in August. Now looking back I thank my lucky stars for losing me that job, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be where I am now.

This became something of a theme in my life, massive disappointment followed by life altering always for the better.


My next fiasco occurred when I was working in a ski resort the following winter, the job in the Bahamas didn’t come to fruition for another year or so. I had been offered another job on another beach in Greece, the company sounded like a lot of fun and people who I knew said they were so much better than the last company I’d worked for. I was couldn’t wait to start so I found myself in tears once again when I broke my leg, meaning that I would spend my summer in crutches rather than on the Island of Lesvos. After I had recovered from my spiral fracture but before the company found a new place for me I had time to sail with a sail training charity called Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. It was during this time that it was suggested to me that I should sign up to sail with them for a year and gain some valuable sailing experience and qualifications, this I did after a few months teaching dinghy sailing in Turkey.

My time with the Ocean Youth Trust was without a doubt life changing. It made me a much better person as well as forming the confident young  Ocean Yachtmaster that I am today. If I hadn’t broken my leg, I would have just ended up doing what I’d done the summer before but on a different beach in Greece. I would never have gone sailing with OYTS and again I wouldn’t be where I am today, working as a Chief Officer on board a 105′ luxury catamaran cruising around the Caribbean.

Things ran pretty much according to plan for almost a couple of years before I had another big disappointment. The next mission was to sail across the Atlantic. There was a beautiful 60′ Yacht looking for someone just like me to cross the Atlantic and then cruise the Caribbean for the winter, and they were willing to pay the right candidate. I had two phone interviews and they really seemed to like me, all was going well until a month before departure when they told me I was a very strong second choice, they’d found someone else. I frantically searched the online crew websites and eventually found a much smaller yacht willing to have me as a crew member if I was willing to contribute €200 to the cost of food. Coincidentally, when I joined the boat in the Canary Islands, two spaces down the dock was moored the beautiful 60 footer that I had missed my opportunity on. I got to meet the guy who was first choice. He was a nice enough fella, I couldn’t see why they had chosen him over me though. I spent a couple of nights out drinking with him, all the while my resentment building, especially with the knowledge that his ride would be probably a week shorter, a lot more luxurious and profitable than mine. When I did arrive in the Caribbean I headed for Antigua where I spent four months walking the docks looking for my first job on a Super Yacht. Very little time and energy was put into the job hunt, I spent a lot of time on beaches and in bars. I made amazing friends, had unforgettable experiences and generally had an absolute blast. A few months into my search I bumped into old “First choice” he was not having such a blast. When I met him he was by himself, utterly sloshed, propping up the bar in “Cloggys”. He told me what a dreadful time he was having, being worked to the bone by the elderly couple that owned the boat for very little pay, he had no friends and the boat moved so often he never had enough time to get to know anyone his own age. “Bullet well and truly dodged” I thought as I left him slumped at the bar to join my group of friends on the dance floor. God! Just imagine I’d been their first choice, that would have been me slumped alone at the bar. It was around this time that I fully started to appreciate that things really do happen for a reason or at least have a way of working out for the best.


One more pivotal disappointment occurred just last year. I had been asked to crew for another trans-Atlantic delivery with a couple of friends, I said yes as it coincided perfectly with me leaving the yacht I’d been working on for two years. Then I was offered a job on a 105ft yacht with an amazing owner and really fun sounding itinerary. I chose to do the Atlantic crossing and hope the position on the yacht was still open by the time I’d reached the other side. We had such a chilled crossing, no bad weather and my best friend, Joe, and I got to basically hang out on deck for three weeks playing cards, chatting rubbish and working on getting “Beach body ready”. When we arrived in the Azores I had an email waiting in my inbox telling me the position had been filled leaving me to spend the rest of the delivery to Palma worrying that I’d made the wrong choice and maybe that was a big opportunity I’d just missed out on. A month later I was ready to punch walls in rage because I’d taken the delivery over the job, I really thought I’d screwed things up for myself.

As it turned out, the guy they’d found for the position didn’t work out, I got emailed back a couple of months after I got back to the UK offering me the position again, things had worked out just perfectly.

I was sitting having lunch when a message from the captain of the yacht I’d crossed the Atlantic on popped up on Facebook. I only read half of it before the world came crashing down around my head. Joe, my best friend and sailing companion, had died in a free diving accident. I haven’t lived long enough yet to find out if that happened for a reason, I suspect nothing will ever justify that but if ever I manage to find a positive spin I’ll let you know. However, had I not taken that delivery, if I’d just accepted the job when it was offered to me like I had been wishing I’d done for months, I wouldn’t have had those three halcyon weeks with Joe. I would never have said good-bye and that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Perhaps the next time life seems cruel or unfair, if you’ve suffered a blow or made a mistake, it would be worth taking a look back at your previous trials and tribulations and realise just how formative they were. What may seem like the end of the world at the moment may in fact be your ticket to freedom and future success. Dare I say it? If life gives you lemons, make lemonade….. It may be naff and corny but if we all strive to live by these cheesy mantras then just maybe we can all achieve greatness.